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Being a team of dog lovers, here at Canine Capture UK, we understand the impact your companion can have in your life. A house is simply not a home without your dog. Our aim is to bring your dog back to you and restore happiness in your home. 

The Canine Capture team volunteer their time at no cost, it is a passion. We have a specific set of skills which often result in the team traveling across the UK, over multiple dates to set up to get long term lost dogs safe Some who have been out for months and years.
Donations are welcome to help fund further equipment and to cover fuel costs for travel to long-distance cases. 




Canine Capture UK provides initial advice for you and your missing dog, this can be done over the phone, via email or via Facebook messenger, whichever method is easier for you, so that we can maximize the time efficiently, and help to reunite you as soon as possible. This advice will continue until your dog is located.  Contact Canine Capture UK

Specialist Equipment

Specialist equipment is often needed to assist with the tracking and safe capture of your missing pet.

Cameras: Canine Capture UK can provide a number of wildlife and live feed cameras suitable for monitoring food stations or potential routes a dog might be traveling. P&P is requested to cover the postage and insurance costs. 

Trapping: If your dog requires a humane dog trap, this can be arranged or supplied by Canine Capture UK. The type of humane trap needed for your missing dog is dependant on the size of your dog. If the team is unable to attend the location, they will provide guidance on using the trap for a successful and safe capture. 


RCI – Remote Chemical Injection ‘Darting’
Canine Capture UK  specialise in the safe capture of difficult to catch escaped dogs and are the only team in the UK who are licensed, qualified and experienced to offer RCI.
In the case of a vulnerable dog that is particularly fearful, prolonging its time within dynamic circumstances while methods such as trapping over weeks, or even months are attempted is more stressful for the animal than RCI, bringing it’s fear and stress levels back under immediate control.
Forcing a particularly vulnerable dog to make cautious attempts to enter a trap for a feed over a number of nights is not pleasant for anyone, and not least the dog. Darting eliminates the need for the dog to combat its own way through its fears of entering a contained space. In those cases, darting should be the very first choice.

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