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Being a team of dog lovers, here at Canine Capture UK, we understand the impact your companion can have in your life. A house is simply not a home without a dog. Our aim is to bring your dog back to you, and restore the happiness in your home.

Canine Capture UK tips and advice

Have you lost your dog?

Don’t panic. We understand that’s easier said than done. In these situations it can be hard to think straight. However, help is at hand. Get in touch with our team as quickly as possible, so that we can maximise the time, and help to reunite you as soon as possible.

What to do next?

Contact your pet’s microchip company to flag your pet as missing:
If your pet has already been microchipped that’s a great start! But are those microchip details up to date?
If a member of the public finds your dog, they will not be able to scan it unless they get to a Vet, Rescue or Dog Warden and they need to be able to contact you. 
Give your microchipping company a call to find out what details are recorded.

Pets from overseas will have an International microchip. If you have the microchip number, you can contact Avid and for a small fee they will add the details of your international chip to the database. Click here to find out which database your pet is registered with.

Notify your local and surrounding Vets, and dog rescues of your missing pet.

Contact your local dog warden in case they have your missing pet. It’s a good idea to also contact your local dog rescue and vets within a 5 mile radius. 

The Local Authority – In most cases, this may not be the nicest call to make but it is very important to find out who is responsible for collecting animals that may have been involved in RTA (road accidents accidents) in your surrounding area.

The local council may be able to point you in the direction that you need. Some Local Authorities do scan collected animals for microchips however some don’t at all, so it is important for you to know which procedure is followed in your area as this can vary from county to county.
If your Local Authority doesn’t scan the pets then it may still record the details of the pets that have been collected.
If this is the case you may need to call them regularly whilst your pet is missing.

Another good idea would be to contact as many other Pet Professionals in your surrounding area as possible, there is nothing more powerful than the word of mouth. Pet groomers, pet stores and pet sitters and dog walkers in your area. Leave no stone unturned, as this will help you to succeed.

If you see a dog running loose which you think may be a stray, then please contact us about this to. It may be a pet that has gone missing, or maybe he / she has been abandoned. Let us know a description, where and when he / she was seen, which direction they were going in and the general condition of the dog if possible. 

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