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Our mission is to safely and humanely capture missing dogs, particularly difficult to catch, stray, foreign or aggressive dogs. 

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Bringing Dogs & Owners Back Together

Canine Capture UK are an experienced and knowledgeable team who specialise in the safe capture of difficult to catch escaped dogs. What we do is our passion, each team member is committed to helping owners and their lost dogs, using our knowledge and specialist equipment to search, track and locate escaped dogs.

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Canine Capture UK offer a number of services to help secure your dog and are the only UK licensed, qualified and experienced team to use Remote Chemical Injection

What Some Of Our Clients Say About Us

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Muscida MystExcellent team work. We tried everything anyone could think of to try and catch Ria, but after failing at everything, I was roaming the web two months ago and found Mike’s Animal Capture UK and Canine Capture UK team, since then everything has been done with such professionalism, that I cannot thank these wonderful people enough. Kaye, of Canine Capture UK, contacted us and gave us invaluable advice on how to get Ria in the best position for darting – I cannot say how much of a relief it was to have a professional take control of the situation and tell us exactly what we needed to do to give us the best possible chance of capturing Ria. They know how much they mean to me, but I would like everyone else to know, just what a absolutely great team this is, and how much I appreciate all the hard work they did”.

Catherine Brown “Totally professional people who go that extra mile and have the knowledge, compassion and determination to capture escaped dogs. Highly recommend”.

Kerri Baker “I cannot fault a company that helps reunite families with their beloved pets well done and keep up your great job”.

Gillian Osborne “Really excellent and helped me catch a dog that had been loose in London for 2 weeks”.

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