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CCUK aim to focus on the most ‘difficult to catch’ dogs. Some of those dogs have been surviving for a number of years, some are extremely complex and require specialist support to bring them home safe. 

Whilst CCUK will not be recording bringing hundreds of dogs home safe a month, we are comfortable in the knowledge that there are other fantastic volunteer groups that can provide support for many while we work and exist to help the smaller number of long term difficult dogs who need both the specialist equipment and knowledge available to them through CCUK if they are ever to have the chance of being brought to safety. These cases can be extremely difficult and time consuming, but are the reason CCUK exists.

We are a team of passionate people who specialise on providing advice and support for escaped dogs. Particularly difficult to catch, foreign, stray or aggressive dogs. 

We need to replace lost and broken equipment and also update the equipment to assist the team to continue to help those who need it. 

We have a number of live feed cameras which have a monthly running cost of £195. CCUK also need to upgrade and purchase a number of humane dog traps to replace stolen and broken ones. 

A passion of the CCUK team is to help those dogs who have no one else to help them or who require specialist techniques to ensure their safe capture. 

A recent case saw the team travel hundreds of miles and paid £460 out of their own money to ensure the dogs were safe. 

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Thank you, from all the team at Canine Capture UK and from all the dogs we have yet to help.